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Oh hell, the traveling press corps wasstuck with third-stringer Tony Fratto again today. Pony Blow must be out campaigning for Republikkkans on your tax dollar again, and I imagine Dana Peroxide is taking charm lessons from Leona Helmsley.

Of course, fomer lobbyist/Ric Santorum flak Fratto blew it right out of the gate.

MR. FRATTO: We’re rapidly approaching Billings, Montana for a rally with — it’s a Victory Rally in Billings with Senator Conrad Burns and other candidates — Denny Rehberg in — Congressman Denny Rehberg in Montana. Should have began by saying the President had his usual briefings this morning.

How Come Chimpy Only Campaigns In The Reddest States?

Q Could you talk about the districts that he’s going to be going to in these last few days of the campaign? These are all red states. Why were they chosen that way?

MR. FRATTO: The President is going to districts where we know that he can make a difference and where he knows that he can make a difference. These are all very contested races. Each one of them we consider necessary for our strategy of keeping the Senate and the House in Republican hands. They’re all very tough, very difficult, contested races, and that’s where — that’s where we’re going to go, wherever they are.

Q There are some tough, contested races in blue states, as well. Is it because the White House is afraid that the President could become a liability in those?

MR. FRATTO: Not at all. We haven’t cancelled any events. We go where we think we can have the biggest impact in winning these seats.

Q But it is striking, Tony, that here you are a few days from the election, and the President is spending his last several days in 10 states, all of which he won in 2004. So now, what does it say about the vulnerability of the party that this is where the President has to spend his time?

MR. FRATTO: It says that there are particular races where this President could make a particular impact in keeping control of the House and the Senate, and nothing more than that.


The Kerry Kerfluffle Must Not Be Polling Well

Q Will he mention Senator Kerry today, or has that gift stopped giving now?

MR. FRATTO: Senator Kerry made his apology, maybe four days late, yesterday, but it was the right thing to do. And I don’t think we have anything more to say on that.

Q — in his stump speech, do you know? Does he mention the Kerry episode?

MR. FRATTO: Does he mention it or will he mention it? It was mentioned the other day for clear reasons. I’m not going to comment on whether it will come up today or not.

Q Why not? Why can’t you say whether it’s in the speech or not?

MR. FRATTO: We’re still working on the speech.

Q You guys haven’t made a decision about what you’re going to insert it or not?

MR. FRATTO: I just haven’t seen the final speech, and I don’t like to talk about final speeches until I’ve seen the final. I can tell you about the parts I know for sure are in the speech.

Three Cheers for Endless War!

Q Can I ask you about Iraq? President Talabani said today that he thought it would take two or three years before the security forces could get up to speed and the U.S. troops could go home. Does the White House agree with that assessment?

MR. FRATTO: Well, I don’t think we can make a comment on that particular assessment. You’ve heard U.S. officials, our U.S. generals make their estimates on how long it might take for the Iraqi forces to come up to speed. I think what’s clear is that we all want that to happen as quickly as possible. The goal is that Iraq can defend, govern, and sustain itself. And I think we and the Iraqis want to get to that point as quickly as possible.

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  1. Didja notice Fratto also saying that Chimpy is doing the radio address live on Saturday? They are definitely up to something for the weekend.

  2. “It says that there are particular races where this President could make a particular impact in keeping control of the House and the Senate, and nothing more than that.”
    Those particular races are in blue states, where the particular impact is losing.
    Shorter answer:
    Yes, absolutely.
    They don’t even bother spinning it anymore.

  3. It’s a good thing whatever it is will wait for the weekend. People generally tune out the news on Saturdays. Even before an election.

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