Who needs a happy story today?

BuggyQ sent overthis:

While most vets would have put a paralyzed ferret to sleep, new owner Bill Higbee gives Scooter the royal treatment.

When the local vet told Higbee about the ferret, he says he knew he had to adopt him.

Scooter’s back legs are paralyzed, so Higbee built him a wheelchair “so his little legs can hang off the side and get stronger and things.”

“We ran the aisles of Ace Hardware with this scooter,” said Higbee.

That is not the only treatment Scooter gets. He also gets acupuncture once a week and regular shots of B-12.


6 thoughts on “Scooter!

  1. Good on the vet, of course, but man, that must be one damn tough ferret. Put a little helmet on him and he’d be good to go for a little roller derby action.

  2. I would pay cash money and open a freaking VEIN to see ferrets, on scooters, with helmets, in a roller derby.
    Just the idea of it is making me happy.

  3. Yay for disabled pets and their dedicated owners! I got a wheelchair for my German shepherd dog (see Doggone wheels website for some great pics) when her back legs quit working. She got another six months of good quality life after the vets had given up on her…

  4. That is cool. Ferrets are the kind of animals who are happy (or seem happy) no matter what. One of my sweet ferrets unfortunately got cancer (lots of it!) recently, and I had to put her down… amazingly enough, she was happy until the end, even though she was incredibly sick. She just saved up her energy for the important things…like a freshly worn shoes and other stinky stuff…and jumped off to have a sniff. I can see that Scooter is the same way…running happily around sniffing… a couple of wheels are just the thing to get you from the trashcan to the stinky shoe 🙂

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