Dead On Arrival

Chimpyrenominates John “Mustache Ride” Bolton to be US ambassador to the UN.

Na. Gonna. Happen.

Yes, maybe — just maybe — Lincoln Chafee will give his constituents the same finger they gave him on Tuesday by flip-flopping and giving Bolton a thumbs-up in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but there is NO WAY Bolton gets through this Lame Duck Senate. Even if Bolton’s nomination does get out of committee his ass will be filibustered. Count on it.

UPDATE:Steve Clemons:

Word has just reached me from a well-placed source that the White House has continued to push John Bolton’s confirmation prospects as US Ambassador to the United Nations despite the election outcome.

Another highly placed source has informed me that in just a few minutes Senator Lincoln Chafee is calling a press conference to state categorically that he will not support John Bolton’s confirmation in the upcoming lame duck session.

The Bolton confirmation will be officially dead in a few minutes.

Atlas’ Juggs is on suicide watch.

15 thoughts on “Dead On Arrival

  1. Could you imagine the filibuster now!
    Haha! It would be totally awesome see Harry Reid giving the Repubs the “make my day” line on them pulling the nuclear option now!
    I was one of those who wanted them to go ahead and do it. Look at how much more powerful we would be now.

  2. One of my first thoughts after hearing AP call VA for Webb, was how sweet it was gonna be to see Bolton gone.
    Everytime I think I understand how deeply in denial Fredo is, he pulls a stunt like this and surprises even me. Is he really ignorant enough to think this lame duck senate is gonna hand him Bolton on a platter? What an utter fucking maroon.

  3. I didn’t think Chafee would flip like that. He may be a Republican, but he does have some integrity. He’s one of the few Repubs in the Senate we actually could work with.
    Good for him.

  4. The bitter Republicans will do everything they can get away with until January.

  5. WOOO! Allen just caved! It’s really, really official now. And Bolton is *really*, *really* toast.

  6. If the highly placed source speaks true, then let’s raise a small cheer for Lincoln Chafee.

  7. I think Bolton is the first of a number of things the WPE and Vice will attempt to do in the next two months to destroy democracy.

  8. I think this needs to be loudly pointed to as an example of how much of a cheap fig leaf the Rummy firing is. Rummy’s not a Neocon (though he is Cheney’s best buddy after his indicted friend Scooter)–he’s all about the new military, but he’s not necessarily about the great world empire. So they fire him but try to keep the Neocon moustache, after clearly being told no in August? Not a nice way to play nice, Mr. Bush. Not a really good message to send about wanting to change your ways.

  9. If I hadn’t just seen this on the news, I would have called you a liar. Even having seen it on the news, I don’t believe it. So let me acall you, “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!”
    Seriously, no obstructionism needed here. The people of the US have just indicated an overwhelming mood toward the Bush error. Knowing that, the only respectful thing to do is to delay big decisions until the new folks are in so that they can act on the people’s wishes.

  10. typical shithead preznit/kkkarl move. make nice for cameras about bi-partisan, then whip out the partisanship card when nobody pays attention.

  11. Okay, so Bolton was already turned down once, which means that even when Bush’s party controlled the Senate they couldn’t get him through legitimately. So Bush did an “interim appointment” as a nice little “fuck you” to the Constitutional process (not the first, and not the last for him). Now, Bush’s party just lost overwhelmingly in the election, so he’s renominating the guy who couldn’t get confirmed even when the Republicans were in power. It’s really hard to believe anyone could be that deeply in denial — except that we’ve seen so many instances of this from Bush before that I can, unfortunately, believe that he would do this.
    Kill it, Harry!

  12. But Bush did make a speech that the people have spoke and he “got it” and would abide by their wishes
    Therefore it is up to the current congress to confirm Bolton, enact the wiretap bill, etc. etc. etc.

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