Calling it what it is…Civil War

LA Times online headline at their homepage

Attacks intensify as the Iraqi civil war worsens

Title of article

Civil war worsens</blockquote

First paragraph…

Baghdad, Iraq — Iraq’s civil war worsened Friday as Shiite and Sunni Arabs engaged in retaliatory attacks in the wake of coordinated car-bombings that killed more than 200 people in a Shiite slum the day before — even as a main Shiite political faction threatened a walkout, a move that likely would lead to the government’s collapse and plunge the nation deeper into disarray.

UPDATE: Interesting. The title of the article last night was “Civil war worsens.” But it has changed and now it is…

Wave of retaliation sweeps Iraq

The above is also what appears now on the homepage. The first paragraph remains the same.

la times

12 thoughts on “Calling it what it is…Civil War

  1. What caught my eye last night was the headline at top of online homepage and then article title. I probably would not have read the article if it had not been for the headline last night rather than one now online and in print edition (thanks Kevin)
    I guess they just couldn’t go there though…in a headline way at least

  2. The print headline: “A Wave of Retaliation Sweeps Iraq” (all caps).
    First line: Iraq’s civil war worsened Friday…
    (From this morning’s home edition).

  3. Hey, maybe some of those Civil War reinactors who are republicans will sign up now!
    “I’ll go, but only if I can be Johnny Reb!”

  4. I’m trying to remember. There’s something in the back of my mind about the timing of the raids on the UK folks suspected of wanting to blow up airplanes over the Atlantic (the link to is a story that MI5 said this speed up under pressure by the US threw a wrench in the works of investigating this).
    What was going on at the time that Shrub would want the terrorist story to be front page?

  5. That is obviously because the bulk of the blue and grey uniforms had to be back ordered.

  6. That must be wrong because, according to Cheney, the violence was supposed to have increased only to help Democrats get elected since Democrats are soft on terra. The elections are over! Someone tell them they can stop the fake election influencing violence.
    Reality check. Why terrorists want the Republicans to win: US interference allowed terror gang to escape []

  7. With fewer staff the LAT evidently can’t afford circumlocution any more.

  8. ‘No one from this administration EVER said it wasn’t a civil war. Of course it’s a civil war. I myself called it that repeatedly, and will continue to call it a civil war, because that’s what it is. Why Democratics won’t call it a civil war is something you’ll have to ask them about. Civil wars are what you get when you, when they, refuse to call it civil war because they want to bash this Presidency. And speaking of bash, where can a thirsty guy get a ‘glass of water’ around here? I’m parched.’ — GFH Bush
    — Paul in LA

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