14 thoughts on “Ho Rules!

  1. errr, umm, I think that the comment about Condi is a bit over the tasteless line. Good try, but no. It’s funny enough seeing a picture of Shrub under the man he (and Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and Limbaugh, etc) was too chicken to fight.

  2. “errr, umm, I think that the comment about Condi is a bit over the tasteless line”
    Er, lighten up, Francis.
    Terry C, American Once Again

  3. Bush’s translator has a notebook, while Tan’s guy doesn’t.
    Bush’s guy has to write it down first, because of the way he talks, before translating?

  4. Well, Bush’s translator probably speaks English, whereas our President really speaks Texan, and at that, he is often stumbles.

  5. LOL, terry!
    oh my, georgie is sitting ever so more diplomatically. did the protocol department finally teach him some manners?

  6. The guy behind Bush’s chair. What is his purpose. Does he make the dummy’s mouth move?

  7. “Damn, I invaded the wrong country. THIS is where they come to meet us with flowers.”

  8. This is the type of comment that the right picks up on and makes liberals look foolish and crass.

  9. We sure wouldn’t want Malkin, Hannity, et al to think we’re “crass”. Why it might distract them from calling us traitors and advocating that we all be shipped to Gitmo post haste. We certainly wouldn’t want to look foolish, either. It might offend the intellectual discipline of folks who thought we’d be greeted as liberators, who believe that we should teach our kids that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church, and who think we should let snake-handling tent show preachers determine what scientific and medical research is valid. Put down the cheetos and put on a clean pair of shorts.

  10. Precisely, if we become worried about how we are viewed by a bunch of pants-pissing rightwing ninnies who are always encapsulated in a putrescent orange slime composed primarily of fear-sweat and Cheeto dust borne from six years of hiding under their momma’s basement for fear that al Qaeda is plotting to unleash hordes of exploding gay Mexicans over our borders to break up our marriages, take away our guns and teach evolution to our embryos, then we might as well join them.
    –The Crapture–

  11. Heard on NPR yesterday that before his leaving VIetnamese Americans requested that Bush not allow himself to be photographed under the bust of or with any photo of Ho. It’s sort of like high fiving Fidel to Cuban Americans. Oh well, there’s another demographic down the drain.

  12. Face it people! The guy is funny. Lets all hope he stays funny considering the enormous power the family welds.

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