5 thoughts on “Senator Macaca

  1. oops, sorry for the double post. i always wonder how people end up doing that, and now i know. 😉

  2. Perfect Comment !
    Of course, they haven’t learned yet of the un-redacted version of the Bill of Rights which gives us the right to keep and arm Bears.
    But I think you’re missing the magic of firearms. The bears are scared of us because we practice our constitutional rights. But why do the bears hate us? They hate us because of our freedoms.
    But seriously, the introductory phrase that justifies keeping arms is “A well-regulated militia…” That being the case, a 22 rifle isn’t going to matter for arming a militia. If we are to truly honor our forefather’s wisdom, we are going to have to stock up on assualt rifles, grenade launchers, … Things that would arm a militia.

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