Department of Oh Fer Chrissakes

Kos leads us to this particularly advanced bit of nonsense from Will Marshall:

The left’s unease with patriotism is rooted in a 1960s narrative of American arrogance and abuse of power. For many liberals who came of age during the protests against the Vietnam War, writes leftish commentator Todd Gitlin, “the most powerful public emotion of our lives was rejecting patriotism.” As he and other honest liberals have acknowledged, the excesses of protest politics still haunt liberalism today and complicate Democratic efforts to develop a coherent stance toward American power and the use of force.

Will, it’s not that I don’t sympathize with you on the surface. If all you do is sit around watching Fux News and suck your thumb, you do indeed come to the conclusion that people hate Democrats and think they’re traitorous bastards who despise America. If all you do is listen to Rush, if all you do is listen to your asshole Republican brother in law at the family barbecue, if all you do is stand there and let them tell you, day after day, what is wrong with you, I can see coming to the same conclusion you have. It’s so hard, isn’t it. Everybody’s so mean.

But what we have do, Will my love, is not “come to terms” with what our opposition says we are and promise, really promise, the American people we’ll change. What we need, Will, is not some national apology session in which we say we regret opposing a war that was in fact wrong and that we did in fact lose. What we need is not some sort of press conference to announce that we’re sorry we hurt all those segregationists’ feelings all those years ago by opining timidly that perhaps police should not turn hoses on peaceful protestors and that we should all just drink out of the same fountain. Because when you talk about protest culture, Will, that’s what you’re talking about. That’s what they’re really mad about.

And Will, every time you drag out some tired quote from some supposed liberal light that verifies exactly what your enemies think, every time you talk about closing the “yawning gap” between Democrats and the military, that’s one more time everybody hears exactly what our opposition thinks of us. Only this time they hear it from our mouths. So please, spare us your blithering on about what Democrats need to do is win the war on terror. What Democrats need to do is stop being such unpatriotic kumbayah pot-smoking libertines.

What Democrats need to stop doing is listening to people like you, who tell them to feel bad about the lies others tell about them.

What Democrats need to stop doing is standing with bowed head as the Republicans whip us senseless with their big brass belt buckle.

What Democrats need to start doing is grabbing that belt, pulling it out of their hands and saying, “Not anymore, Junior. Why don’t you explain why you blew a spy’s cover? Why don’t you explain where all the money our soldiers need went? Why don’t you explain why you tortured innocent people? Why don’t you explain where Osama bin Laden is? Where is he? Where the bloody hell is he and why isn’t he in jail right now watching his gallows being built outside his tiny little window? Huh? Huh? Got an answer for that, you overblown jingoistic piece of useless? Huh?”

What Democrats need to start doing is realizing that there’s nothing wrong with them, except that they don’t say, quite loudly enough to be heard over the noise machine, what’s wrong with their opposition.


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