3 thoughts on “Who’da Thunk It?

  1. The Senate vote:
    98 Senators: “He’s not Rummy!(whew)”
    Santorum: “He’s not Rummy!(whistful sigh)”
    Bunning: “Looks like one of Saddam’s sons…that’s funny, I don’t care who ya are. What? He’s not who? Yeah, nay, whatever.”

  2. Admittedly, I have a knee-jerk against bringing back anyone from the Reagan / Bush I cadre of covert CIA/Iran Contra world.
    Admittedly, I laughed myself crazy because (I think it was Stewart / Daily Show) dared tell the truth that Gates went to an easy nomination because the sole focus of the nominating committe was “I am not Rumsfeld”
    But Santorum voted against him? Was he not violent enough?

  3. Well, Rick because we are stilling winning, and Bunning because there’s “no way that computer guy should be in charge of the Pentagon, now where are my pants?”

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