Chunk Drimp (It’s a Spoonerism, Folks)

Chimpy was a bit more inebriated than usual today. During his meeting with President Mbeki of South Africa today they discussed the Doha Development Round of World Trade Organization negotiations, but in his remarks afterwards came out a bit muddled.

We talked about, interestingly enough, the Darfur [sic] round. The President is concerned about whether or not the World Trade Organization round will go forward. He recognizes, like I recognize, that trade will lift more people out of poverty than any other mechanism. And I told the President I am committed to the Darfur [sic] round. I believe in trade. And I believe in the necessity of trade. And so we’ll work to see if we can’t get that issue solved.

2 thoughts on “Chunk Drimp (It’s a Spoonerism, Folks)

  1. I’ve always held that if you read a transcript of what he says, with an extremely literal interpretation, Bush says very very very exactly, parsed to the finest point, what he means… and in a way that sounds like something palatable.
    I may do a blog post o this one sometime… oh the research.
    Ari Fleischer was the master of this technique.

  2. as in “work to see if we can’t get this one solved.”
    the Darfur thing is strictly Freudian asshattery

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