15 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. Darth–I hope Mary names the baby “Dick Junior.”
    Chimperator–Musta put my boxers on backwards again.

  2. CHENEY: Dear Lord – Hugo Chavez was right! It’s so sulfurous that I might hurl!
    RICE: New war or new shoes? Christmas is such a chore. What to give my husb-

  3. Fredo: Heh. First thru the door again. I rule!!
    Darth: Wha??? I can’t feel a heartbeat!!
    Condi: Borinnnggg…I need new shoes…

  4. Bush: Blue Tie, sign of bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle, yeah. Get’m on yur side early, yeah. suckers.
    Cheney: there seems to be a spot on my tie, Out out, damned spot… oh. got it.
    Condoleeza: why does no one notice my shoes anymore?

  5. Dippy the Wonder Chimp: “So proud… I went potty all by myself. Not like that time at the G-8 conference.”
    Darth Cardiac: “No leaks?”
    “Oops” Rice: “No leaks.”

  6. Condi: Ewww… where did all those little green boogers come from?
    the little dick: heh heh heh… left my boogers under the Oval Office desk…
    The Big Dick: must save this booger for bronzing. It’ll make a nice gift for Mary’s baby.

  7. If you have enough ballspin, you could catch the 1, the 6, and then hook for the 7, and not leave a spare.
    — Paul in LA

  8. Cheney: Heh, I totally scored that loser’s wallet when he wasn’t looking.
    Shrub: Left, …uh…uh…Other left…
    Condi: Percodans are kicking in, that’s good. Oh yes, that’s good. My face is frozen.

  9. Bush – “Darn, SBD. No bragging rights on that one.”
    Cheney – “How do I turn off this pacemaker?!”
    Rice – “Must…not…breathe…”

  10. GWB: These guys are real downers. Everything is doom and gloom with these two. Can’t they just get a f*king life?
    Condi: I’m going to go down in history with this f*king idiot. Somebody, please just shoot me!
    Cheney: There goes my 401K – those f*king oversight committee assholes.

  11. Bush: right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot…
    Cheney: dammit all–get me my pills!
    Condi: does he know that i lick his shoes clean each night?

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