Rahm Emanuel to handle party message/rapid response?

An interesting tidbit found at the end of this LA Times article today given news of Rahm Emanuel’s apparent knowledge of Foley emails

Plans are also afloat to move the main communications operation from the speaker’s office to incoming Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois. He would handle party message and rapid response.</blockquote

Glenn Greenwald weighed in on whether Emanuel lied in regard to knowing of the Foley emails and the ramifications with a post titled…”Did Rahm Emanuel lie about his knowledge of Mark Foley? Yes.”

Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left disagrees with Greenwald in post titled…”Greenwald Wrongly Accuses Emanuel of Lying About FoleyGate”

Back to the tidbit…and your thoughts on Emanuel handling party message would be?

4 thoughts on “Rahm Emanuel to handle party message/rapid response?

  1. fuck the party message, is he a progressive or isn’t he? we won’t have a party message unless and until it embraces the left and embraces the common sense of progressive change.

  2. From the little I’ve watched him, he’s good under fire. Seems to see the BS for what it is, as it’s incoming. And he’s well spoken, understanding his lack of humor (but not timing) better than some in his party.
    That’s all good.
    Was Emmanuel a member of the Republican leadership of the 109th House of Representatives?
    What position was he in to act?
    to even investigate?
    to even try to substantiate a potentially vicious rumor?
    and if he had been in that position, and done had so, what motive would have been ascribed? And how loud would have been the outcry, in how many “liberal” papers and on how many progressive news broadcasts would his questions have been seen as real rather than electioneering?
    I’ve seen a broad brush before, but hey! Bernie Sanders is in the senate now. Maybe he knew!
    and maybe michael moore is fat.

  3. What did he know and when? Leave the Communications with the Speakers Office.
    Rahm needs to make nice with Dr. Dean.

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