New Lows on Iraq—21% approval

From CBS News poll…

Just 21 percent approve of President Bush’s handling of the war, the lowest number he’s ever received, and an 8-point drop from just a month ago. Most of that drop has been among Republicans and conservatives.


Opposition to the war is now taking on historic proportions, with 62 percent saying it was “a mistake” to send U.S. troops to Iraq — slightly more than told a Gallup Poll in 1973 that it was a mistake to send U.S. forces to Vietnam.

Only 15 percent of Americans — the lowest number ever — say the U.S. is currently winning the war. And for the first time, a majority (53 percent) believes it’s not likely that the U.S. will ultimately succeed.

(via Think Progress)

5 thoughts on “New Lows on Iraq—21% approval

  1. When this translates into the Congress deciding we should leave in ’07, and then making it so, I will rejoice.

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