Hey! Michelle, Ann and Melanie!

This is hilarious, right?

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A television cameraman working for The Associated Press was shot to death by insurgents while covering clashes Tuesday in the northern city of Mosul, police said.

Aswan Ahmed Lutfallah, 35, was having his car repaired in an industrial area in the eastern part of the city when insurgents and police began fighting nearby and he rushed to cover the clash, police Brig. Abdul-Karim Ahmed Khalaf said.

Insurgents spotted him filming, approached him and shot him to death, Khalaf said, citing an initial report. Lutfallah had not reported any prior threats against him.

Lutfallah had been employed by AP Television News as a cameraman in Mosul since 2005. He is survived by his wife, Alyaa Abdul-Karim Salim, a 6-year-old son, Yusof, and an infant daughter, Rafa.

“Our hearts go out to Aswan’s family and his Iraqi AP colleagues,” said AP President and CEO Tom Curley. “The murder of yet another journalist underscores the particular dangers of this conflict and the sacrifices of those committed to reporting the story.”

Lutfallah was the second AP cameraman to be shot to death in the city in 21 months.

Maybe Ann or Michelle or Melanie Morgan could explain to this man’s family how he was an Islamofascist appeaser and they’re glad he’s dead, but deeply sorry that they didn’t get the chance to kill him themselves with their own bare claws.

Because, you know, when people like that call for the death of journalists, it’s not abstract, it’s not impersonal, it’s not performance art and it’s sure as fuck not funny. It’s people like these they’re talking about. I shouldn’t have to explain the universe at large why wishing for someone’s death isn’t cute, but these vicious harpies keep being put in front of a microphone and given leave to say things like this and this and this under the guise of “well, they represent the views of a lot of people out there” (so do child molesters) or some free speech argument (as if MSNBC is Open Mic Night at the HaHa Komedy Klub and everybody gets the same access), so clearly somebody important missed a memo. I’ll say it slowly so that person gets it all:

Unless you rejoice in Mr. Lutfallah’s death, unless deep down in your soul you cheered when the news came over the wires, you ought to think twice about putting on your shows those who do.

His daughter was born just this year. This is who they’re talking about. People like these.

Update:More from the AP:

“I think among our Iraqi staff, what you often feel is a great sense of responsibility to their country, a great wish that the world knows what’s happening to Iraq. People work for many motives. But what you really sense I think is among many of our staff, is a will to resist the insanity and try to do something constructive in the face of this insanity. And yes, they could put up their cameras and put away their notebooks and leave the country, but what you often hear them tell you is, “This is my country. I cannot leave.”


10 thoughts on “Hey! Michelle, Ann and Melanie!

  1. why is it that they only report when a news reporter is killed in Iraq? Why don’t they report on the hundreds of reporters that aren’t killed every day?

  2. Black Sheep. I hear what you are saying and I suppose that we could take the high road and ignore them, but I no longer think we can ignore them, especially when they are calling for journalists to die.
    One good reason? The journalists themselves can’t (or won’t) defend themselves.
    When Morgan called for the hanging death of Bill Keller and nine other Journalists there was some uproar, but she got away with it because the press are such huge free speech advocates that they aren’t willing to say, “That’s too much.” (Also they believed her when she said that she ALWAYS said “If tried and convicted, they should die” which is a lie )
    So it is kind of up to the defenders of journalism (and Athenae is number one in my book in this score) to challenge them and call them out when it happens. Especially when it appears that nobody “official” is calling them out.
    Morgan is protected and supported by the Disney establishment. As one of my readers wrote about Morgan to an advertiser ” I am a free speech proponent, but the messages being broadcast and financed by your advertising dollars goes far beyond the pale – the First Amendment clearly does not excuse inciting others to commit violence.”
    You know what REALLY pisses me off? That the JOURNALIST’S Bosses (publishers) didn’t defend them. That the PUBLISHERS of the WSJ radio report continued to be a sponsor and part of Morgan’s KSFO show after her call for their editor, Glenn Simpson, to be hanged.
    So follow that. The WSJ is paying the salary of a woman who said that your reporters should be hanged until dead for doing their job.
    I really wanted to get them on record saying, “We are fine with her suggesting that Glenn be hanged because we really need to reach the sweet, sweet KSFO listening audience.”
    Just to point out what a sick person Morgan (who is employed by ABC Radio which is a Disney company) is. Last week she said that the author of the break through environment book, Silent Spring, Rachel Carson, should be dug up and killed again.
    Morgan is not just another crazy right-wing neo-con, she pretends to still be a journalist (especially in her book American Mourning where she smears Cindy Sheehan). She is a regular guest on national TV shows. Comments of this kind go unchallenged on her show. Email written to her asking her to stop the violent rhetoric is deleted. Management supports her or looks the other way.
    While journalists were dying in Iraq Morgan was in LA selling the movie rights to her Cindy Sheehan smear book.

  3. I guess you don’t read Malkin regularly or you would know that Associated Press is a branch office of Al Qaeda. Of course she cheered when this guy got killed.

  4. the geenie was released in 2000.
    good luck getting him back in.

  5. Athenae,
    Most of the time I love your writing. All the time I love your skill with words and your passion.
    But when you offer more attention to wastes of time, air, water and food like Coulter, Maglalang and Morgan … well. I think you’re wasting your talent on these no-accounts.
    A tribute to the cameraman, yes.
    A hat tip to the Three Wicked Witches of the Worstern World? Eh.

  6. “unless deep down in your soul you cheered when the news came over the wires”
    that’s quite a leap of faith to assume wingnuts have souls.

  7. i’m so glad dubya has decided to “ponder’ his decision to do something about this monumental clusterfuck for another couple of weeks — that way more fathers like Aswan can be killed so Michelle, Ann & Melanie can continue to stoke their raging wargasm a little longer.
    None of the options available to our Great Decider will bring back any of those who have died since “we” decided to invade and occupy Iraq. None of the American fathers and mothers, none of the Iraqis. And kids like Yusof and Rafa will grow up to learn that an American president caused the havoc that led to their fathers unnecessary death, and will probably lead them to carrying a bit of a grudge… which in turn will allow future Michelle’s and Ann’s and Melanie’s to rub themselves raw while declaring death to all those foreigners who hate Americans for no good reason.
    Here’s to the simple pleasures of a life of stupid, ignorant hate and xenophobia.

  8. I mean, look at his face in that photo…he looks like a nice person. I’ll bet he was great at his job and loved his family very much…just like everyone else.
    I hate that this is happening to us…and that people like Malkin exist to tell people that someone should die just because of their religion and their skin color.
    Abo Gato

  9. Thank you for what you do. I don’t know if you realize how much it is appreciated.

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