14 thoughts on “Jeane Kirkpatrick: Forget Her Politics, She Was A Hottie!

  1. It’s really very simple: if a woman is on the far right wing, she’s feminine and beautiful. If she’s anywhere to the left of Ghengis Khan, she’s an ugly harridan. This has nothing to do with appearance, just politics.

  2. @Pansypoo
    I lean toward Frau Farbissina: “Send in the Contras!”

  3. Left a note to “be approved by an editor” at Tiny Tom’s Blog. The land of supressed speach, I bet. Haha

  4. Many
    Thanks. I’ll have to read in more detail later tonight.
    At a quick read, nothing improves the level of adulation like when one limits who can post and gives them a script!

  5. Jeane Kirkpatrick? Simple Beauty? Feminity?
    She was twice the man W is and twice as ugly as Cheney.
    Holy cow, those people need serious professional help over there.

  6. For those with a mind for puzzles, re-read the comments at ol Bug Man’s site. Look for “unusual” line breaks. The word for the day is: acrostics.

  7. OT – but I wish I had seen the first incarnation of tomdelay.com. apparently they didn’t pre-screen the commenters and some of the comments were – can you believe it – somewhat negative to tom. And this was within an hour (I think Olbermann said 45 minutes) of the site going up.

  8. I think this needs to be a regular feature, kinda like Holden’s Obsession.
    From the comments at TomDeLay.com
    Talk about a wealth of material.

  9. Oh boy, commenting on this is a lose/lose proposition … “simple beauty” and “femininity” aren’t words I’d apply to Jeane Kirkpatrick. Maybe he was mixing her up with Ann Richards.

  10. I agree it’s not like me to be too busy to answer comments, but yesterday was unusually productive. 🙂 Not so today, and the post’s been updated. I think (having read the comments) either my sarcasm detector was broken or I didn’t see the following quote as exactly refuting the question and thus invalidating its (to my eyes) pissiness. Either way, corrected.

  11. OT, but…
    Are you not going to address the “Class Warfare” post’s comments? That’s not like you.

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