Get Out, Goddammit!

Besides establishing an all-time low job approval rating for the Chimpster (note to self: revive the list of all-time lows from this past summer) the latest NBC/WSJ Poll shows that Americans want to pull our troops out of Iraq – NOW!

According to the survey, 69 percent say they are less confident that the war will come to a successful conclusion, while just 19 percent — a new low in the NBC-Journal poll on this question — say they’re more confident. Moreover, 65 percent believe the U.S. is already doing everything it can to reduce the violence there. Only 25 percent think this country can do more.

Perhaps more revealing, 53 percent say that the United States does not have an obligation to the killed or wounded American soldiers to complete the mission in Iraq.

Only 23 percent approve of Bush’s handling of Iraq — his lowest mark on this question and an 11-point drop since the last NBC/Journal poll in late October. Even a third of Republicans say they disapprove of the way in which Bush is dealing with Iraq.

Bush’s overall job approval rating is 34 percent, which is another all-time low for the president in the poll.