Lines are for Loosers

The rich can’t wait with you peasants.

The U.S. government approved new technology that will automatically scan shoes and boots for bombs, and promises that travelers will soon be spared the trouble of scurrying through security in their socks. But the new machines will be available only to travelers who pay to join a special program, at least at first.

The shoe-scanner approval will give a crucial boost to the Registered Traveler program, which is designed to provide faster airport security screening, via a special security line, to travelers who sign up in advance and undergo a background check. But the program, to be run by private companies under the supervision of the Transportation Security Administration, has languished for years, and currently is operating only in Orlando, Fla.

The shoe scanner is expected to draw customers to the program because not only will it speed up lines. It will also offer another perk — remaining shod — to attract customers willing to pay annual fees of about $100.

3 thoughts on “Lines are for Loosers

  1. I was recently in the Frankfurt AP in Germany and didn’t have to take my shoes of there. That was a nice change.

  2. but but but i don’t wear shoes. well, it is WI, i do have to put them on occassionally, but slush last week wasn’t as hard as i used to be.
    boy, i really shocked a black woman at the PO this week. it was only 40’s outside.
    it’s so fun flying barefoot, when i fly. midwest was so concerned. and the new yorker pilot. IT”S NYC! you can’t go barefoot! ha! i rode the subways barefoot and walked all over NYC barefoot.
    so, do i get the $ back?

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