14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to ALL

  1. Teddy appears to have just killed Santa, and is presently contemplating eating him.

  2. Yup.
    Teddy is waging her own demented war on Christmas the roots of which I have no understanding.
    I was finding pieces of Santa’s beard all over for a while there.
    I hope you have a good Christmas virgotex!!!!

  3. already am, and you as well.
    I sent you a little digital somethin’ somethin via YouSendIt. It may have ended up in your spam/junk filter.
    re teddy and santa, I think the felines vs. christians conflict predates recorded history.

  4. Mewy Xmas to you too, Teddy — and your human.
    Thanks to everyone at First Draft for keeping the news that needs to be known in front of us.

  5. i went out on this BALMY eve of santa day to pick FRESH catnip for my 3 felines. only pansy seemed to enjoy it. the spares prefer dry nip.

  6. Indeed, Merry Holidays to all.
    Too bad about Santa!
    Never much cared for Rudolph, the little drunk brown noser, doesn’t he ever realize the Old Man and his Flying Thugs are just using him?

  7. Teddy’s looking for his official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle – with compass.
    or maybe some of pansypoo’s catnip.
    Happy Merry to all – kitties, ferrets, humans, every one!
    Even the GOP.
    Gotta get rid of all that coal somehow.

  8. Happy Holidays to all. Scout, thanks for your hard work in behalf of the people in New Orleans, and thanks to all you bloggers at FD for the fine job you do, day after day.

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