Dear Tom Tancredo

If you lose in the primaries, which you will, because you are a squirrel nut and your drooling scares people, please consider an independent bid in the general. As much as I love the idea of the Democrats finding the One True Candidate who will overcome all possible Republican challenges and dirty tricks, I really do feel it’s a sounder strategy to encourage some lizard like you to peel off the Open Bigot vote from the Closet Bigot Coalition and make the final something like 50, 30, 20. So get right on that, wouldja?

Erm, what I mean is, consider an independent bid because your country needs you. Yeah. That.

Tancredo/Moore ’08!


3 thoughts on “Dear Tom Tancredo

  1. Why is it, you can scream all the time about ineffective government (NOLA/Katrina/FEMA)but are totally against those of us who want enforcement of immigration laws?
    Why the double standard?

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