In the other war

DoD Secretary Gates is thinking of rquesting more troops for Afghanistan according to NYT although it would only be a few thousand. More troops are certainly needed and have been requested but one battalion already in Afghanistan is being sent to Iraq…

Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, has already pushed for more troops.

said Tuesday he has asked the Pentagon to order a battalion of the 10th
Mountain Division to remain in Afghanistan until the end of the year
rather than leave this spring. The unit already is scheduled to deploy
to Iraq later this year — an example of how thinly stretched the
military has become.

It was not clear how many other troops have been requested for Afghanistan.

I came across the blog of photojournalist Bill Putnam. He has a post with 3 videos of what is happening in Afghanistan that were shot by photojournalist Scott Kesterson. They are incredible (especially the last) and show the fierce fighting going on in the other war.
Just. Go. Watch. One of These Videos

2 thoughts on “In the other war

  1. AMAZING how 1,500 troops weren’t enough to catch Bin Forgotten at Tora Bora, though it was ‘enough’ to get Pat Tillman wasted. Thanks, George.
    Bin Laden survived Afghanistan — Pat Tillman didn’t.
    Amazing how with a hundred times more troops invading Iraq, no one was on hand to guard Al Qa-qaa, the National Museum, Tuwaitha, or Koran-Torah Repository (burned to the ground by CIA). Having released 400 tons of high-explosives to the insurgency — with 1/4 of the troops at least poorly-armored — its not like injecting explosives into an occupation will cause any problems for our dragooned troops.
    I’m glad the rightwing has been SO REALISTIC in describing their strategic grasp of the real world. Letting terrorists escape, handing out bomb materials in gigantic quantities to our soldier’s enemies, underarmoring our troops, and then setting our soldiers up to reenact LEBANON — you just have to marvel at the genius.

  2. I’m probably just being paranoid, but does this seem like it might be a way to get more troops into Iraq?
    You know, deploy them to Afghanistan, then rotate them to Iraq as part of an in-theater shuffle.
    I wouldn’t be surprised by such a move.

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