What I just don’t get is…

(New thread series to ponder the seemingly unanswerable questions, such as, How did this guy ever come to be the Leader of the Free World)


In the Feb 12 issue of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol goes after Republican Senators who have “signed on to the Democrats’ anti-surge, anti-Petraeus, anti-troops, and anti-victory resolution.” He concludes with this warning to them…

In any case, Republican senators up for reelection in 2008 might
remember this: The American political system has primaries as well as
general elections.

So why is it considered the legitimate use of the “American political system” if Republicans were to attempt to unseat Senators with which they disagree…but when Democrats attempt the same, as in the case of the Lieberman/Lamont primary, it is considered a Purge and Un-American?

Ponder away…just don’t poke an eye out.

5 thoughts on “What I just don’t get is…

  1. This is probably way off topic, but I had this silly thought to share:
    There’s been a large amount of campaign talk recently about Hilliary, and Obama in ’08. But silly me, my thought is why not run Gore and Edwards again. I mean they won it once before, so I’m certain they could do it again. IMHO Hilliary is no Bill and
    has tainted herself with obviously money votes, really tends to watch which way the political winds blow and is not a populist.
    Obama is a fine looking candidate but appears to have not many stances to point to and very little political, and international affairs experience. With the monumental disaster the current administration is leaving in it’s wake, now more ever we need a team with experience. I feel that Gore and Edwards would make an outstanding team to lead us out of this mess. I’m thinking that the theft of the election was a benefit to Gore and Edwards character. Both Gore and Edwards did not slink away from their loss, but rather gained more maturity and continued to speak their beliefs. A win by this team would help us regain the world’s respect by showing that we have the smarts and the will to admit mistakes and right our wrongs.
    enough of my ramblings on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

  2. Duh! The world operates on entirely different rules if you are a Republican. Surely Bush has taught us that. (On the other hand, maybe the Bush lesson is that just because you believe that the world etc. etc. doesn’t make it so.)

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