7 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. Fox sounds like my bulldog friend. Though the bulldog leaves a little bigger path. 😉 I’ll send you a picture of him in the snow–he’s adorable.

  2. He totally thinks he’s a dog, Bug. Every time he’s ever been outside, he’s gone after the cars, or started digging under the bushes, or lunged at a cat three times his size.
    Fox is the one who REALLY loves the snow. When he was little we used to wait until it was a few inches deep and then let him burrow and pop his little head up and shake it all off. But he’s too old now to subject him to that kind of cold. His coat’s pretty thin and I don’t want him getting sick.

  3. “No, you’re not a dog.” Heh! And cool to know what your voice sounds like, A.
    He’s lucky to have you. I’m in “sad about all the lonely animals” mode after Holden’s links earlier. And I’m worrying about our erstwhile outside cat, Rufus, a feral (or at least close to it) orange furball who adopted us when we moved into our house four years ago. He’s outside in sub-zero weather right now. Mr. BuggyQ thinks it’s cute that I heat up squishy food for him when it’s cold like this. I think it’s the least I can do, since he doesn’t seem interested in any of the various cat-houses I’ve tried to construct for him.
    Anyway, thanks for the happy ferret video. Now I’m a little less weepy.

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