You Know When A Muffin Is Cool

Oh, goodness me. Political campaign hires person who curses. However shall young delicate things working for John Edwards survive Amanda’s foul-mouthed tirades?

Good God. Has Michelle Malkin ever been anywhere near a political campaign? Those people use “fuck” as punctuation. It’s one of the things I so adore about the whole milieu. They smoke, they drink, they curse, and since they run for office against people who question their patriotism if they didn’t smoke drink and curse, I’d be pretty fucking concerned. Yeah, Michelle. I said fucking. Want to make a federal case about it?

As to Amanda’s posts about the Duke rape case, sheeeit (ooh, there I go again), if I had a dollar for everybody who had an opinion about that case that may or may not have been bullshit (oops!) I wouldn’t need to put a tip jar up on this site. Plenty of people, black white male female rich poor whatever, had opinions about that case. Plenty of people have opinions about Michelle, too. If having an opinion is disqualification from work, I should never have earned a dollar in my life. God, what a twit she is.

And I can’t think of a single thing in the post about New Orleans that I disagree with. Course, Michelle was too busy blogrolling and socializing with people who thought it was just hilarious that the poor and desperate were trapped in the Superdome, so Michelle can wank about civility when she denounces Jonah Goldberg and not before.

But I think what annoys the crap out of me is this comparison of Amanda’s sitch to the Ben Domenech scandal. Erm. Ben Domenech plagiarized for print publications, including the National Review, both before and after he started blogging at Red State. That’s the fact, whatever color the sky in your world is today. Whether that merits him getting fired is a whole other animal, but the fact is, it’s not that he had strong opinions or they were unpopular. It’s that he was a plagiarist. I have yet to see any allegations that Amanda plagiarized anything.

Plus, I mean, just fuck these people all sideways, anyway, bunch of whiny babies. There’s six or seven things going on here: They’re thrilled to have something take their tiny minds off Jamilgate, they can’t stand seeing an angry, uppity chick make good, they can’t stand to see any lefty blogger make money, they don’t like Edwards anyway, they’re holding his campaign up to some false standard of civility to which they would never adhere themselves, and good Lord, people whose sensibilities really are that delicate could never have made it in Bushworld anyway so fetch the smelling salts, nurse, I think she’s about to fall right over.


ps. Title via Primary Colors

Update: Timeline of the plagiarism corrected.

11 thoughts on “You Know When A Muffin Is Cool

  1. Exactly A. I’ve taken your motto to heart. I’m supporting the candidate that hits them with the chair first, best, and hardest. And most effectively – oh shit, I’m a democrat – that’s NEVER gonna happen.

  2. Oh my word, more “off the wall” and “profanity-laced” blogging here at First-Draft too! The room is spinning,I can’t see so well… my vision is blurry- does that mosque have a hole in the roof?
    Bat Shit for Brains has updated and corrected but in the most spiteful way possible:
    “***Updated/Correction. Looks like Marcotte’s Katrina post is actually still available to the public here under a different URL. My bad. Or rather, John Edwards’ bad. Because it’s even worse for the Edwards campaign that its blogmaster left crackpot posts like that one up and hired her anyway.
    Translation- neener neener neener
    Also, after noting and correcting, she then shovels a bunch more polarizing shit her minions have drug in to her like dead mice since this morning.
    Where’s Molly Ivins and her dog named Shit when you need them?

  3. Now you boys an’ girls better be rethinkin what you’re sayin’ about my cook, Miz Malkin. She’s just like the pot callin’ the kettle, er, white, which is fine by us real patriots.
    An’ not a once has she used profanities within my hearing. She knows she’d get a whuppin’ if she ever got that uppity with me.
    So if you have an objection, why not take it to this real man standing before ya, and leave Mammy Malkin attendin’ to the important stuff, like my ham hocks an’ boiled peanuts, which keeps ma strength up for my midnight missions. And e-missions.

  4. Amanda says Fuck.
    GOP wears purple band-aids making fun of every American ever awarded the purple heart.
    Yeah their moral code really makes a lot of fucking sense.

  5. You see the conservatives are ALL about civility. Dick Cheney is Mr. Civility! I mean who would hire a man with that kind of foul mouth? No one.
    One thing to note. The internet is NOT a regulated medium, like say Radio or TV. Thee are no fines for saying something obscene or indecent. Not true for radio or TV.
    More faux outrage. (Fox Outrage?)

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