A site picked entirely at random from Michelle Malkin’s blogroll:

Unlike that silly woman who was hired (and later fired/not fired) as The Ambulance Chaser’s “web outreach adviser” (or whatever title they gave her), I have no illusions about whether I would or could ever be offered any kind of position within a candidate’s campaign—hell, even “junior stamp-licker” would be too hot a seat for me to hold.

This is because over the years, I’ve said many inflammatory things about liberals, Marxists and, for that matter Republicans (the Stupid Party) for me ever to be considered.

“Hanging liberals from light poles all over the land so that laughing Republican children can use their rotting corpses for target practice” might be seen by some as too hateful (although not by many of my Readers, who have suggested that I’d gone soft because I didn’t advocate pre-hanging torture).

“Using Democrats for bayonet practice” was another charming statement of mine—although that one did get the nod of approval from my Readers, who then immediately fell to squabbling over whether I should use the Mosin-Nagant’s long cruciform bayonet instead of the American-made M4 mounted on the American-made M1 Carbine. (Call me agnostic on that one.)

The fact that I myself am an immigrant would not stop the “anti-immigrant” label, simply because of my suggestion to use African lions to patrol our southern border fence (the fence being a sine qua non, of course).

Perhaps the poll concerning which liberal hellhole we should nuke first was a little over the top, as was my wish to tie Ted Kennedy to a chair and beat him senseless with a lead pipe. All hyperbole, of course, but in these days of pussified politically-correct speech, maybe a tad strong for Election 2008.

There’s a part of me that says, “at least he admits it up front and disqualifies himself from campaign employment.” But it’s drowned out by the other part of me that says, “and Michelle was offended by Amanda after reading this stuff on a regular basis?”


8 thoughts on “Civility

  1. Wow, comments of that sort make me physically sick. I cannot imagine any context, any kind of joke, in which I would speculate about using human corpses for bayonet practice, or tying someone (anyone) to a chair and beating him with a lead pipe.
    What is wrong with people who can “joke” about such things, let alone take them seriously? Sociopaths seems too kind a word for people like that.

  2. One of the many things that this sad specimen does not grasp, is that when decent human being say what they think it is not PC, it’s what they actually think. The only people I hear going on about how what they say is not politically correct seems to be those who speculate on the joys of murder and rapine. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to be in the same room with them, much less work on a campaign with them.

  3. Catstaff that is really spot on. And it also is different in different venues and different when it is “hyperbole” and when they are serious and have a huge microphone or following.
    One can dismiss this as the rantings of a sick person but what of people who have millions in their audience? Do they have any responsibility?

  4. Of course Michelle wasn’t offended by Amanda’s writing. Michelle and her ilk are nothing more than psychologically-stunted and twisted children in adult bodies and this is all a game to them. They will burn our country to the waterline and sow salt on the foundations as long as they see themselves as “winning.”

  5. hoppy, I had lunch at a ginormous chinese buffet today with my two fav office mates and there were at least 12 tvs in the place, everyone tuned to CNN, which was nonstop Anna Nicole. One of my coworkers (the oldest of the three of us) started spinning the “OMG, what ifs” of that same scenario. “It’s the poolboy!”
    it was probably the most surreal, of many such, moments I had this week.

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