Your President Speaks!

Just a couple of quickies as Your President participates in a photo-op with President Valdas Adamkus of Lithuania.

Sorry Squire, I’ve Scratched The Record – Sorry Squire, I’ve Scratched The Record

I was very pleased by the strategy that you and others in the Baltics are working to achieve to achieve energy independence.

Tarzan Talk Visa Waiver

Secondly, the President was quite adamant about visa waiver. I can understand your strong position, Mr. President. I thank you very much for your clarity of thought. There should be no doubt that here in the Oval Office that President Adamkus represented the will of the majority of the Lithuanian people, when we discussed visa waiver and his desire for the people of his country to be treated like most of the other people in the European Union.

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  1. By any chance was your transcript from a machine translation from the orignial english, into Lithuanian, and back into English?
    I can always hope!

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