In the ‘heh-heh’ department

Britain needs a declaration of independence from America

Opponents of the war in Iraq get daily vindication that the invasion
was a terrible mistake. Supporters of the removal of Saddam feel
betrayed by the appalling mess the divided and incompetent Bush
administration has made of the aftermath. Tony Blair is an increasingly
lonely voice when he pleads that Britain and America must remain each
other’s indispensable allies. ‘We shouldn’t give that up in any set of
circumstances,’ the Prime Minister declared when he appeared before
senior MPs last week. ‘The relationship with America is what opens lots
of doors everywhere.’He did not make his case more persuasive when he
selected climate change as an example of what he had got out of his
closeness to George W Bush
. When he leaves Number 10, his successors
will have to fashion a new foreign policy for Britain which recasts its
relationship with America and reorients its approach to the rest of the

(emphasis mine)

Curiously, this editorial doesn’t mention Iran looming. I guess things are bad enough for the poodle as is.

One thought on “In the ‘heh-heh’ department

  1. I suspect that the scene with Hugh Grant and Billy Bob Thornton in _Love, Actually_ resonated a lot for the British, though Billy Bob was at least reasonably articulate and not an obvious ignoramus (still an asshole, though).

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