The Bobby Flay Drinking Game

Go read Jen and then come back.

Mr. A and I like to watch Iron Chef America. With a bottle of bourbon. Drink every time:

Bobby Flay uses cornmeal.
Or a blue corn tortilla.
Or molasses.
Or a squeeze bottle full of basil oil.
Or poblano peppers.
Or sweet potatoes.
Chug if he makes a sweet potato hash.
Empty the bottle if he makes a sweet potato hash underneath an “edgy” eggs benedict variation.
Throw the empty bottle out the window if he puts jalepenos in the hollandaise.

We’re usually blind by the first commercial break.

The dude does about six things very well, is a gross and conceited asshole with the judges and there’s not a single thing he does I couldn’t do at home myself. Watching Morimoto make sushi is like watching a master paint. Watching Bobby Flay squirt chili all over a fried fish is like Thursday at TGI Friday’s.


12 thoughts on “The Bobby Flay Drinking Game

  1. Boozehound xMas tree (or, Nutcracker w/a ‘Tini) :

    See, A? you should be saving those empty bourbon bottles – you and mr. A can decorate your tree next year with them.

  2. i meant to add, piegrrl, thanks for that link. They are right on re Sandra Lee. I mean, the woman actually gave a child– her own flesh and blood- an alcoholic beverage! And then there was christmas tree decorated entirely in barware – clearly a plea for help. And the beer show. The woman is from Wisconsin and she couldn’t even do a decent show about beer and cheese? Literally, every single show is beyond the realm of parody. It’s that delightfully awful. A flaming trainwreck of bad.

  3. what is the big deal of giving liquor to a child? only time i was ever buzzed was around 10. unintentionally.
    had booze since whenever. 5? and i am practically a teetotaler.

  4. Giada needs to eat and lay off the cleavage shots, are you a chef or a SI swimsuit model?
    They are close to going over the edge (heh heh) with it, I agree. It’s a fine line. I’m all for the lustiness and the food mix. But it needs to be more organic, even tongue in cheek- ala Nigella. Have some fun with it.
    But emphasizing it to the extent that they do is non-imaginative. Giada’s gorgeous, her grandmother was a freakin’ movie star, fer chirssakes, she’d be sexy if she was in coveralls, or a nun’s habit.
    {mind drifting…] uhhhhh, what was my point?

  5. always the mystery ingredient is something easy to use like lobster or chocolate or mushrooms or pumpkin etc. it doesn’t seem like much of a challenge … i mean one week it was even “beef”. come on! i think sam elliot could handle that!
    i wish they would start to make it very challenging for both the iron chef and challenger … to do that i think they should feature more unusual and difficult mystery ingredients. let’s have mystery ingredients like magnesium or oak or coal or let the chefs be creative and make the mystery ingredient say any part of … “chevrolet”?

  6. Yo soy una idiota. Read links first, comment later. Duh. Whatta Monday. (OK, go read it if you haven’t already.)

  7. I am all about Alton (the science of food is sexy – and combined w/a great sense of humor and a bad collection of puns, I am lost!). Nigella is my new food goddess (she makes it somewhat simple, but exotic and sensual). Ina is a love, but I get jealous that I can’t just jet to Paris to go shopping in the open markets! 🙂 Giada needs to eat and lay off the cleavage shots, are you a chef or a SI swimsuit model?
    Bobby Flay makes my teeth itch and that is NOT a good thing. He’s such a pompous ass – I love to see him (sadly only occassionally) eviscerated on Iron Chef America. Mario cracks me up, but his extremely ruddy complexion makes me fret for his health. Ellie on the healthy show makes my skin crawl and the Semi-Homemade – well, I can’t say it any better than Virgotex above! (THAT WAS PRICELESS!!!)
    But, for the sake of a drinking game, I might be able to try the main bit above (just swapping bourbon for something else).
    Happy Monday all!

  8. Also drink whenever he uses corn. Drink twice when he opens a canned or bottled sauce.
    To quote Morimoto: “This man is not a chef”. Restauranteur, perhaps; chef, no.

  9. i avoid the food porn channel. i prefer to just make something good to eat myself and i don’t care about anybody else.
    poo, eating some of my pink squirrel cheesecake i froze from Dec.

  10. Alton, Giada, Ina, Nigella.
    They do it for me. Cooking wise and sexy wise – because the sexy has to be part of the cooking.
    The rest of the network I can do without.
    (Except the occasional Semi-Homemade because snarking with the shrikes about SLop over on the TWOP thread is too much fun. That show is either the best parody of all time or the woman has a safety deposit box full of pictures of Gordon Elliott with a german shepherd.)

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