Happy Democrat Photo: Dodd Edition

Yes, Dodd can be tooly. Still. Nora in comments below reminded me of this:

Did you know that last year President Bush signed a law that dishonors our obligations under the Geneva Conventions and allows unreliable statements gained by torture or coercion to be used as evidence against defendants. This is just one more nail in America’s international reputation, that has already suffered terribly because of the Bush war of choice against Iraq. The international good will toward America that existed after the al Qaeda attacks of September 11, 2001 has been squandered by the Bush Administration.

Chris Dodd is seeking to restore America’s moral authority and rebuild international respect for our country. Earlier this month Chris Dodd introduced a bill that would stop President Bush’s troop escalation in Iraq, and now he has introduced legislation that overturns the sham trials and admissibility of tainted evidence made possible by the Military Commissions Act.

Is your senator on record supporting the act? Is he or she a co-sponsor? If not, a judiciously placed phone call or e-mail would be in order, especially in light of today’s appeals court ruling. There’s no reason to be against this, other than the continuing fear of being called a puss on Fox News, and anybody who values Sean Hannity’s good opinion over the betrayal of history is beneath contempt. It would be helpful to know where everybody stands.

Get back up.


2 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Dodd Edition

  1. I’ll pass on the information as soon as I get it from Senators Clinton and Schumer. Frankly, I’m not holding my breath about Schumer, who NEVER answers letters, but Clinton’s usually good about responding.

  2. Nora, I emailed Schumer and Clinton as well. And you’re right – I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any response from Schumer (except his auto-generated email reply) but I almost always receive a letter from Clinton, even if it is months later and I’ve forgotten what it was in reference to!
    Is anyone keeping or going to keep a running tally of supporters?
    Restoring the Constitution – seems like a darn fine idea to me. I’m really interested to see what excuses are given for opposing the bill, and how supporter will be painted as “unpatriotic”.

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