Royal Obligations

Where are Jenna and Barbara?

LONDON – Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, is getting his wish to serve in

The Ministry of Defense ended speculation that had been swirling for about a week by announcing Thursday the 22-year-old prince will be sent to Iraq with his Blues and Royals regiment in May or June.

Harry, a second lieutenant, will assume a troop commander’s role.

Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday that British troop deployments will be cut by 1,600 in the coming months and that all bases except for Basra Palace and Basra Air Base will be handed over to Iraqi forces.

The narrowing of the British presence to the two locations in southern Iraq will mean any insurgent groups looking to target Troop Commander Wales — as he is known to his colleagues — will not have to look far to find him. That has led to some concern that his presence could bring an extra risk to his fellow soldiers.

He will lead a team of 12 men in four armored reconnaissance vehicles, and could become the first royal to see combat since his uncle Prince Andrew served in the Falklands war against Argentina in 1982.


5 thoughts on “Royal Obligations

  1. Hmmm, Prince Harry off to war, and suddenly the war’s just about over for the British.
    What an odd little coincidence!
    I really need to see The Queen. I have a feeling it may shed even more light on this little drama.

  2. Oh, and just ran across a very good comment over at TPM–since the British have done such a FAbulous job in Basra, why don’t we get them to help out elsewhere in Iraq? Why are they being pulled out *entirely*? Did Tony even ask Dubya, or did he do this unilaterally?
    So many questions, so few officials with the guts to answer them.

  3. Ja know – we shouldn’t speak facetiously of jenna and not-Jenna joining the military. They are young kids who are obviously acting out inappropriately.
    Isn’t part of the military mythology is that the military is the ideal solution to putting them back on the straight and narrow?

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