Trailers of the have mores and have nots

Dick’s Trailer


This is the Airstream that was parked in the bay of
the C-17 which carried Cheney into war zones. Inside, its gray-leather
seating and paneled walls provided a comfortable shelter within the
loud bay of the transport jet.
[via Correntewire]

Little people’s trailer


(photo from today’s Times Picayune)

From today’s Times Picayune

A 21-year-old woman was badly burned Tuesday morning when
her FEMA trailer caught fire, Kenner authorities said.


The investigator is looking at the gas-powered stove as a
possible cause, Michel said. Witnesses on the scene said the
woman had told them that she lit a cigarette and the stove
caught fire, Michel said.

For his travels, Dick could have snapped up one of the 12,000 FEMA trailers which sat languishing in Hope Arkansas and are now being auctioned off “as-is.”

What am I thinking. That’d be just plain stupid. Travel is risky enough for Target Dick than to also place him for a few days in one of those “toxic tin cans” that tend to explode and catch fire with uncanny frequency.

4 thoughts on “Trailers of the have mores and have nots

  1. According to Froomkin yesterday, the C-17 from the Sounth Carolina ANG was named “The Spirit of Strom Thurmond”. That must have made the Dickwahd all warm and fuzzy inside.

  2. Scout,
    GREAT. Cheney needs to have his Airstream towed into the middle of the Superdome, where he can get a hearty “Fuck you, Mr. Cheney” from a crowd of 60,000.

  3. so he has a trailer
    that goes
    inside a plane?
    If the plane landed on an aircraft carrier, he’d have a trailer inside a plane on a boat!

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