3 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Elizabeth Edition

  1. Fuck paying any more attention to Coulter and fuck waiting on Edwards. The MSM could have come out early and hit the Republicans who were supporting and applauding their little dancing monkey.
    Remember, kind of like they swarmed Kerry for what Whoopi Goldberg said?

  2. And why doesn’t the MSM call Coulter on it? I mean, now we have a response from the Edwards campaign — from Elizabeth as well as from John — so now they would, you’d think, have the “he said, she said” narrative structure that they prize so highly.

  3. Thank you for the link. Mrs. Edwards put it extremely well.
    I am still shocked that a public figure would interject this in public discourse – pure venom – might as well have used the N word. Then to consider that the villan is one of the paragons of the right – it smears the right even further. Then to wonder if she thinks that Mark Foley and Ted Haggart are leftist democrats?

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