Fired For Gross Competence

Jesus Christ.

One of the U.S. attorneys fired by the Bush administration after Republican complaints that he neglected to prosecute voter fraud had been heralded for his expertise in that area by the Justice Department, which twice selected him to train other federal prosecutors to pursue election crimes.

David C. Iglesias, who was dismissed as U.S. attorney for New Mexico in December, was one of two chief federal prosecutors invited to teach at a “voting integrity symposium” in October 2005. The symposium was sponsored by Justice’s public integrity and civil rights sections and was attended by more than 100 prosecutors from around the country, according to an account by Iglesias that a department spokesman confirmed.

2 thoughts on “Fired For Gross Competence

  1. Ah, but that’s WHY he was fired, because he understood what real voter fraud is all about, and it didn’t match with what his masters wanted him to prosecute.
    It all comes down to Bush’s repeated “joke” about how he was just a C student and all these bright people are working under him, heh heh. The more I think about it, the more I think that encapsulates his whole attitude toward competence.

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