Your Saturday Afternoon Fun Post

I’m totally shocked by this. Iran’s upset because the Persians are portrayed as bloodthirsty monsters? I thought they’d be upset because the Persians are portrayed as flaming bondage freaks who have what I now think is legitimately classified as a body-art addiction.

Dear Phoenix: Us, too. Love, Chicago.

If you keep refreshing this page, it keeps giving you new bunny pictures.

This is what you get when you run the latest Gaggle through the Borkifier:

MR. SNOV: Vell, velcume-a oone-a und ell. Seferel preleeminery items ooff booseeness. Furst, a cuoople-a ooff fureeegn leeder cells frum ierleeer tudey. Zee Preseedent spuke-a tu Keeng Ebdoolleh ooff Soodee Erebeea. Zeey deescoossed zee iffffurt tu edfunce-a tooerd a Pelesteeniun stete-a und elsu peece-a betveee Isreelees und Pelesteeniuns. Zeey telked ebuoot Irun, zee seetooeshun in Lebunun; und, elsu, zee Preseedent thunked zee Keeng fur Soodee Erebeee’s perteecipeshun in zee recent cunfference-a in Ireq.

I’m loving the BBC’s extremely cheesetastic Robin Hood show.

What’s going on in your world?


3 thoughts on “Your Saturday Afternoon Fun Post

  1. Loved the Phoenix driving rules. I’ve lived here six years and I’m still trying to figure out where some of the freeways referenced actually are. Also, I haven’t gotten over the fact that people absolutely do not signal before changing lanes. My favorite under-the-breath curse is “Put on your blinker, MOFO!”
    Oh yeah, and the speed limits (with the singular exception of the all-too-small zones in front of schools) are merely advisory. On surface streets, the usual speed limit is 5-10 miles above the posted limit…with the exception of the areas around large retirement communities. Grandma and Grandpa always drive 10 miles below the speed limit. The freeways might as well be the German Autobahn. I regularly find myself doing 10-15 miles above the speed limit and in my newish car have caught myself hitting 95 while trying to get around some asshat…yeah, I’ve been assimilated into PHX driving.

  2. Oh, thanks, Roscoe. Now I’m going to have that godawful “dum DUM! Da dum, da dum, da dum!” music going through my head all day. Talk about ear worms. Errol is my default for Saturday afternoons when it’s rainy or snowy. I’m particularly fond of The Dawn Patrol. On an odd note, you can watch Captain Blood with the sound turned down and the Manhattan Transfer album Vocalese as soundtrack, and it’s almost as good as The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd. Make sure you have Killer Joe on during the big shipboard fight scene.
    I haven’t seen the cheesetastic Robin yet, but I may have to start watching. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess), I’ve just gotten hooked on the two newest FX shows: Dirt and The Riches. Both utterly different, both remarkably appealing. I really thought I’d hate Dirt, but they managed to take a paparazz(i? o? What’s the singular?) and make him the most sympathetic character on the planet. Years ago, my friends and I came up with the acronym IWTCH, for I Want To Cuddle Him/Her for when a character we like has a bad time and you want to crawl through the screen to make him/her feel better. Don on Dirt gives me IWTCH constantly.
    As for what’s going on in my world right now, I’m on spring break, and for only the third time in the 20 years I’ve been in higher ed, I’m actually taking the week off. So now I’m off to ride my bike in the glorious 60 degree weather we’re having right now. Any of you Feenix-type drivers in my area (or anywhere, for that matter), keep an eye out for cyclists, please.

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