Happy Thanksgiving.

The Library of Congress, has this web site dedicated to the work of Edward Curtis. Curtis photographed Native Americans at the close of the 19th century; many of his photographs were staged and overly sentimental. Even so, he was able to capture scenes that were rapidly disappearing by the time he traveled to the various places where Native Americans were still living.
The link takes you to the homepage. You can follow the links to different photographs. I won’t go into a lecture about the genocide that we committed against the native population here — we all know the story. Just enjoy the photographs and the day. Be safe. And if you are so disposed, pray for peace and greater understanding and compassion among people.

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  1. The Library of Congress is a fantastic resource for E.S.Curtis photos. I also discovered a recent film on Curtis that has hundreds of his images, that I thought was pretty good. “THE INDIAN PICTURE OPERA”, I searched it on Amazon. Thats a good one!
    The Curtis images take one back in time to an era where the Indian already taken from his land, was shorn from his culture. Browsing these images is a real education.
    Thanks for making them available.

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