Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, in Fort Irwin, California, using the troops as props once again.

Struggling With Understanding With English

Like many Americans, we struggle with understanding with what this attack meant. But if you think about the lead-up to the attack, you think about the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, or the extremist attack on our troops in Lebanon, or the embassies in Africa; Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia; or the USS Cole.

What Iraq Obviously Has Got

Iraq, obviously, has got the attention of the United States, as it should.

He Analyzed All The Situation

I analyzed all the situation here this fall — I listened to the advice from the military, I listened to the advice from the political people — all in reaction to the fact that al Qaeda and the extremists bombed a sacred place, which caused sectarian violence to begin to rage. And it looked like that if action wasn’t taken, the capital of this young democracy would be overwhelmed by chaos.

The Enemy Would Be Embolden

The enemy that had done us harm would be embolden.

Defeat = Leaving

In my judgment, defeat — leaving before the job was done, which I would call defeat — would make this United States of America at risk to further attack.

People Who Made A Career About How To Set Strategies

So I made a decision, in consultation with our military commanders, people of sound military judgment; people who have made a career about how to set strategies in place to achieve military victories.

People Are Not People

The people who do that are not people — you know, it’s not a civil war; it is pure evil.


I had a meeting, a SVTS — what they call a SVTS, it’s a real-time video conference — with Prime Minister Maliki.

Nineteen Kids

It’s in the interest we gain a new ally in the war on terror, in the midst of a part of the world that produced 19 kids that came and killed 3,000 of our citizens.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. A fool like that couldn’t even get through an interview to be a White House intern. What the hell is he doing in the Oval Office?

  2. Olbermann had 2 interesting takes on this last night. First, obviously the troops couldn’t protest (unless they wanted to have severe disciplinary action taken against them). However, Olbermann noted the lack of applause from the troops.
    Secondly, Shrub is giving this speech before the same troops that he’s sending troops back without adequate breaks between tours, units without desert training (noting that he’s giving this speech at the location used for desert training), etc.
    Where Olbermann didn’t go far enough is that part of surviving in a hostile area is the confidence that you’ve have the best training possible and you are equiped to deal with any situation. If you have this (whether it is realistic or not) you then will react quicker and more effectively to situations as they come up. Hopefully, you’ve seen similar situations before and can react instinctively / instantaneously. Even if you have to think, confidence helps you quickly think through the situation.
    Admittedly, I tend to be a critic of the military. But even I will will maintain that to send in troops to an area that they aren’t prepared for is a detestable action.

  3. Watch little children play “war” sometime. Listen to them talk about it. Well, no, that isn’t necessary – just listen to President Dumbo speak.

  4. You know, his father could butcher the language pretty badly, too, but this is ridiculous. How do people follow a man that can’t even put together a clear sentence?
    It’s in the interest we gain a new ally in the war on terror…? Jeez.

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