2007 Packers Schedule Announced

In last night’s dream, Kurt Vonnegut died. I woke up with a start to find that the radio was still on and he is indeed gone. Player Piano followed by Cat’s Cradle, scout, those are my Vonnegut favorites. He went after a full life (and head of hair) and gave us the gift of literary protest. Cheers, good sir, thanks for the memories.

All the news isn’t bad. Football season is around the corner and my boys have a full schedule ahead of them, replete with three prime-time games and a Christmas weekend showdown against the Chicago Boors (in Chicago, boo!). The San Diego Chargers will play in the hallowed halls after a decade’s wait and Nick Barnett’s contract has been extended. Will this be the season the stars of Mike McCarthy, Brett Favre and his intended receivers align? Wait for it, kids, August 11th is only a little more than half a hurricane season away.

Now if I can only get my hands on more meat like this and this.