The White House Found A New Word, Isn’t That Cute?

Hey, Dana, when one wants to give the impression of smallness while talking about lost evidence, one does not employ the word “universe” every 5 seconds.

Q Is there any concern that the loss of White House emails through
outside email providers might involve a violation of law?

MS. PERINO: Well, I think one of the things to step back and take a
look at is that we are talking about a very small universe of emails.

… we don’t have an idea on the
universe of the number of emails that were lost. I went through the
small slice of the universe of the emails that could potentially have
been there, but truly, we just don’t know enough yet.

… we are trying to understand to the best of our
ability the universe of the emails that were potentially lost.

Not Simply A Galactic Supernova Of Email Anymore

… What I was explaining was that the emails that would have used — would
have been sent on those RNC computers would be within that universe of

So Much So That The Gagglers Begin To Use The Infernal Word

Q Yes. So stuff that didn’t find its way into the White House system
isn’t going to be a part of that universe anyway? Is that what you’re
getting at? No?

Your president, too, lobbed the word recently with respect to reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind Act. You know, “becauseitisworking.”

There is a universal belief that the No Child Left Behind Act needs to
be reauthorized, and I want to thank you all for working with us to get
this piece of legislation reauthorized.

I’m really not concerned about the children left behind on Skyron and Rigel 7, nor the ones in Australia or Italy for that matter. What about kids in New York State, Arizona, Montana and the American South who are wholly unaddressed by this legislation? How do Americans compete with each other and the globe?

Because the word “universe” is cool and, if you say it long enough, even the outer reaches of the solar system will buy in. 

3 thoughts on “The White House Found A New Word, Isn’t That Cute?

  1. well, from planet milwaukee, i do not think the No Child Left Behind act should be renewed.
    uninversal my ASSteroid.
    nimrod he is.

  2. There **IS** Universal approval of No child flushed behind.
    If you agree with Shrub, you are in the Universe. If you don’t agree with Shrub, you don’t exist. Therefore all the Universe sings the praises of Shrub.

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