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Spocko commented on my last post:

Great points and I think the media need to be reminded of it and
challenged when they patronize or hold preconceived notions that are
incorrect. (Like Media Matters does for conservatives, you can do for
Anti-Nola bias)

He is absolutely right and that’s a media gorilla afewofus are working towards. Writing for Huffington Post or TPM and giving periodical interviews to NPR, OpenSource and CNN is all well and good, but it’s just another news segment or section of the ePaper within the rules of this quick-turnover news factory. New Orleans needs its own central media outlet that takes the news of the day, validates or rebuts and points the reader to various local blog and paper articles on the given topic.

In this way, the reader asks, “This is what Reuters or Bayou Buzz reports, but what does the Grand Panjandrum NOLA Repository have to say?” A downside may be socio-political bias, but that’s where real journalism steps in. Publish all of the available viewpoints and let things lie where they will. Traditional media has forgotten that the goal is not to give the reader an opinion, but to offer as many options as possible to make his/her own opinion. You do the thinking, what a concept.

4 thoughts on “NOLA Matters

  1. Whoo Hoo! I feel like Digby, I got an “exactly right” comment!
    In my recent experience helping the bloggers in the pet food recall crisis, I was reminded how important it is to also get YOUR experts in from of The Media and in front of The Officials.
    And if you can’t get your experts in front of them make sure you can help the media not just take the word of the “experts” and be sure to question who is paying them and what their agenda is.
    YOU folks are the experts in this story and you all should be included in the stories where they talk to ‘the experts’
    For example, for those of you who don’t know it was Matt McBride a NOLA blogger who got the essential story to the AP about the faulty pumps.
    But in the follow-up in the story will they quote him? Or the lawyer for Moving Water Industries? Will Matt be there to challenge the words of the LAWYER Who speaks as if he is an engineer? Or will the media take for granted that the man who helped Bush “win” the election in Florida will be versed in the testing requirements of the NOLA pumps?
    What a lot of you probably don’t know (First Draft readers)is that following Matt’s revelation of FOIA info to the AP the PR machines of MWI and Army Corps of Engineers swung into action.
    These people’s job is to challenge and discredit reality. (They are the kind of people who sow ‘doubt’ into the global warming “debate” (one trick is calling it a Debate!!)
    You can never underestimate the power of people in power to attack using methods established by Lee Atwater and perfected by Karl Rove and implemented by people like Rush and Hannity.
    I sent Loki a bunch of PR ideas to push the NOLA story, one of them is to invite the media into homes (“embedded in NOLA”) and give them a opportunity to “know” in their bones what is really happening. So that when they see someone who is full of it they can say, “Really? Well that isn’t really my experience.”
    Unfortunately the highly paid PR firms that would coordinate this “embedded in NOLA” effort are working for the Oil companies going after Al Gore.

  2. “the highly paid PR firms that would coordinate this “embedded in NOLA” effort are working for the Oil companies going after Al Gore.”
    I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the role of oil companies and other private corporations. In our case, local oil companies have donated more time and money to recovery efforts than our federal and state government put together.
    Your ideas also imply that we would have to provide value to PR companies and embedded media. This works in Iraq despite the efforts of the well-oiled propaganda machine – why not here? Are we that much less interesting?

  3. how about a permenent mardi gras til everybody is home and NOLA is back to where it was or better?
    bring on those beads. what happened with that bead project?
    not that i have found any beads to add. estate saling slow lately.

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