Dog-Walking Scofflaw

Dana Peroxide’s husband jailed in dog-walking caper.

A canine caper landed the husband of the Deputy White House Press Secretary in jail recently.
Dana Perino’s husband, Peter McMahon, was ticketed in November for walking their dog, a Vizsla breed, without a leash in Lincoln Park just east of the Capitol.

The Examiner reports McMahon had 15 days to pay the $25 fine or request a court date.

McMahon reportedly tried for months to pay the fine by mail. The ticket had no address, so McMahon found an address for the Park Police and mailed his payment there.

At the request of Park Police a judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

Last month, McMahon went to Park Police headquarters to pay in person and was thrown in jail for a full day.

Hat-tip to P. O’Neill.

UPDATE: Seems that McMahon is a bit of an ass.

According to the original complaint, obtained by Yeas & Nays, Officer Stephen Smith of the Park Police asked him to “gain control of” Henry, an 8-year-old Vizsla breed, and “put him on a leash.”

McMahon replied that he didn’t have a leash, so Smith issued him a violation notice, complete with a $25 fine. “Why don’t you go chase down some squirrels,” McMahon then suggested to the officer.

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