Can you tell I’m missing my Sunday night mindblowing, guys? Babylon 5, “Comes the Inquisitor”:

I love this episode, because it’s all about the amount of bullshit you throw up in order to make yourself important, and how it’s so hard to know how much of it is true and how much of it is just what you need in order to get yourself through the day, and what if it’s crap? What if the story you’ve been telling yourself in your head about how you’re a hero, what if that story isn’t true?

And even more scarily, what if it is?


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  1. “What if the world is right and Delenn is wrong, have you ever considered that?”
    In the first few years of the Bush administration, living in North Carolina, that phrase constantly ran through my mind. No one, absolutely no one I had contact with every day agreed with me. When my views became known at school it was a constant battle, every single day, I had a fight on my hands. I constantly thought: what if they are right? What if I’m wrong? Life would be so much easier to just shut-up and go with the flow.
    Then I would come home and turn on the re-runs of Babylon-5 and watch them struggle, watch them fight, believing in their cause as Night Watch took hold. As President Clark took control through fear and subversive means. I couldn’t help but wonder if Bush was following the script from the show.
    Bush isn’t Clark, and there is no metaphorical John Sheridan coming to our rescue. No, we live in the real world and we have a long fight ahead, but its still fun to watch larger than life fictional characters win their battles. And maybe help give us a few hours away from the fight?
    Thanks for the vid I know what I’m going to be watching this weekend!
    Thank God for DVDs!

  2. There had to be another reason I love Athenae and B5 is it. Huge fan here. (Such a geek I’ve read all the books, too.) Isn’t that a great episode?
    Hey, First Drafters, you’re all invited to a B5 viewing marathon at my house whenever you want.

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