4 thoughts on “French Presidential Election Results

  1. If I were French, I wouldn’t have voted for Sarkozy, but ya gotta admit, Royal seemed to have self-destructed in this last week. The spin is that she was trying to shed her image as someone too passive, but I can’t imagine “elect me or the country will break out in riots” is a good way to win votes.
    Of course, ya never know — I’m getting all this news from media with, shall we say, a pro-corporate tilt (i.e. the media in general) … so they might also be pro-Sarkozy (ironic that Royal is named Royal considering Sarkozy is about as close to a royalist as you can get in France, c.f. Mitt Romney’s bizarre comments about French marriage and how “Europe used to be so cool, but now it’s changed” — yeah … they don’t go around killing Jews anymore … but I’m drifting OT).
    Still, if Royal did self-destruct in an effort to shed what were perceived as her weaknesses (and that what’s reported is reasonably fair and accurate), it does go to show that the worst thing a candidate can do is get too worried about their media image …

  2. The “George Bush” of France won. And I agree with DAS…but let’s see what becomes of la belle France with a guy to the right of Chirac.

  3. I don’t think the French will tolerate anyone resembling Duhbya. If this guy starts to fuck up anywhere nearly as badly as the Chimp, the people WILL be rioting in the streets.

  4. But speaking of “The ‘George Bush’ of France”, the domestic newsmedia will be spinning this election as “even those Frenchy-fifis voted for a reactionary, so why don’t you ‘Murkins do so as well in 2008? You don’t wanna be more lefty than the French, do you?” So far, NPR has actually been on our side, pointing out that what Sarkozy is proposing is to the left of even the Dems’ positions, but NPR, ironically because of their regurgitation of GOP talking points (and their snide tone of voice when regurgitating those talking points), is seen by many as just a liberal mouthpiece, so if the rest of the media is shouting “even the French elected Sarkozy”, NPR’s putting it in perspective will go for naught since from the perspective of too many people, NPR’s perspective is unbalancedly (is that even a word?) liberal.

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