Bored Now

So this won’t be an involved post. I just want to note that the Republican field of presidential candidates is a giant freaking yawn. White, boring, crazy, old, fascist — and that’s just McCain.

I know I say this every year, but America just isn’t this anymore. Sure, the Resentful Victimized White Guy whose job and testicles have been taken away by the Minorities and the Chicks and who’s more afraid of Islamofascism than he is of the love of a real woman, he’s still out there, and appealing to him still pulls in an embarrassing number of votes from men and women alike (we girls being prone to guilt, after all, and not wanting successive generations of ourselves to have it any easier than we did, lest actual improvement in conditions diminish the righteous nostalgia of our struggle) but come the fuck on, now, the time for a slate of candidates that looks like dueling barbershop quartets is just over, and I’m kind of surprised they don’t get this, smart as we’re always telling ourselves these evil geniuses are.

Romney’s unpleasant and weird. McCain’s had his go and he’s alienating the suburbs by continuing to snuggle Bush. Guiliani would make me nervous if I thought he’d make it through the primaries; Republicans hate his ass and they’re the ones who have to nominate him. Huckabee isn’t making the dent I thought he’d make; maybe Iowa will prove that wrong, but the guy’s got a mean sneer on him and we’ve tried that already as president. Compared to that? Compared to that, any one of our top five would wipe the floor with them if they ran a tough campaign of not giving them any leeway to spew crap, and giving Americans who are so starved for some kind of empowering message exactly that, and fear itself, and get back up, and not one inch.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy, I’m just saying that as of right now, I’m not seeing them making it terribly hard for us. Knock, really hard, on wood.


4 thoughts on “Bored Now

  1. Dueling barbershop quartets? Normally, I applaud your evocative language. But in this case, I’ll just say, go here:
    And the nation could use leaders who’ve sung in barbershop quartets, male or female.
    Nevertheless, the point stands. Could those guys be any whiter? I had Procol Harum going through my head the whole time I watched the rerun of the debate on MSNBC on Sunday.
    And could Chris Matthews have been any more annoying as a…ahem…”moderator?” Chris, honey, darlin’, lambchop, cookiepants, a moderator doesn’t talk over the freakin’ candidates!

  2. It scares me to think that we are gettng confident of victory in 2008. It has been only 3 years since we all knew we would win in 2004 – I mean what could have been an easier election than that one? Frankly I’m not even slightly confident of winning next year. Our voters, and that group bears little resemblance to our citizens, most of whom can’t be bothered to vote, are not what one should call sophisicated, or even moderately aware of their surroundings. If we win in 2008, and that is a very big “if”, it will be by a percent or two.

  3. Whoever wins in 2008 has to clean up Dumbya’s mess.
    I’m not so sure that’s a job I would wish on anyone.

  4. That was a sight – all dem white guys wit’ da red, white and blue. Three of them, Huckabee, Tancredo, and Brownback, don’t believe in evolution. O, joy!

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