6 thoughts on “Al Gore on New Orleans: “It is completely unacceptable”

  1. Of course it is unacceptable to anyone with any trace of morals. But, it seems to be totally acceptable to Bush, Congress and a high enough percentage of Americans that we aren’t holding the government’s feet to the fire. That’s the part that puzzles me. A few years ago I would have considered anyone who would predict this type of non-response to be hopelessly paranoid and an utter idiot. But, I felt that way in 2000 when some people said Bush might become our president.

  2. (apologies if this posts twice – I got an error message)
    C’mon, run Al, RUN!!! Help this country be a leader again, and start by helping rebuild our beloved Nola!
    I about got into a fight Monday night at my local hangout. Some guy started spouting off about how he “helped out at the Astrodome” when the evacuees were there and that he managed to shut his line down when he said “my table is for people looking for jobs” and that everyone disappeared… And he went on to say how shiftless and demanding everyone was. I said to him, (doubting the extreme accuracy of his comments) “keep in mind these folks had just lost everything!?” He responded “They didn’t HAVE ANYTHING to lose!” and I retorted, “they had a HOME! It may not have been much by YOUR high standards, but it was THEIRS!” I added, that families got split up, bussed across country w/o ANY promise of getting back and stuck in places they didn’t know. He threw in “They could have gotten a job and moved on”. I told him “I know of a handful directly that DID stay here and even pooled their resources to open a New Orleans’ themed eatery, who weren’t even previously in the culinary industry!”
    He just went on about how worthless the lot of them were, I pointed out (again) that they had just lost everything they had and now have no home to go to – he chimed in “I’ve lost everything before, and I pulled myself up” Yeah, (granted, I’m about as dad-leg white, but don’t start generalizing and attacking my (hopeful) city and her inhabitants, because every race has it’s bad apples…our current fair-skinned president and associated cabal is the WORST criminal organization EVER!) he had to have had it so hard, being a white boy who probably lived at mom’s or someone’s while smoking pot and considering his bounceback from being kicked out of an apartment. Unless he had been in the wreckage of the tsunami a couple of years back, he has NO clue about what the evacuees went through – and with very little help other than stop/start housing funding…oh, and the formaldehyde filled trailers. He even was going to duke it w/me on that one…hello, dumb@ss, read the news (the REAL news, not Faux)…
    I really was wanting to break a bottle and clip him one…and that’s not usually me, but he really made me mad. Dumbf*ck!
    Sorry, got all p*ssed off again…
    Please, Al, RUN!!!! (and I read Oyster’s bit – good freakin’ gawd almighty – it was bad enough to just consider, but seeing it all listed out – where are the pitchforks and the torches???)
    Blessings all!!!

  3. Elspeth
    Posted by: Elspeth R | May 22, 2007 at 23:13
    Thanks for that story. What the Frak is WRONG with these people.
    Are they that small hearted that attacking the survivors makes them feel good about their world view. A world in which people pull them selves up from their bootstraps and fly around the room with magical powers?
    And what to do about this jackhole? Educate him? Ignore him? Have him walk a real mile in their shoes?

  4. And when you consider what Gore did when Katrina hit, his words, and his passion, become all the more powerful.

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