6 thoughts on “Goodling Testimony Live Chat

  1. he was wonderful, thanks for underscoring this.
    c-span sure didn’t make it easy to watch the testimony – relegating it to c-span 3, shown in my neighborhood up in the cable box digital ether zone.
    if only her last name had been lewinsky, then cnn & msnbc would have rushed in to fill the airwaves with news of blow jobs instead of crony jobs.

  2. I am so pissed that I watched the whole morning, sitting through her interminable “I don’t remember’s” and “someone said”s, and the real meat of the hearing came in the afternoon when I wasn’t there to enjoy it.
    Not that it wasn’t great fun to hang out and comment on the disaster while I was there, of course.
    Did anyone solve the mystery of why she claimed the Fifth in the first place? Her morning explanation (that McNulty had made it seem that she had misled him, or failed to give him sufficient information) was feeble at best.

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