14 thoughts on “Willie Video

  1. Commenting to give some love to lb0133. Fox and Stripe and Mr. A and I are thinking of you, darlin’. Take good care of yourself right now.

  2. Dearest lb0133, you have my most heartfelt sympathy for your loss. I’m so terribly sorry for you and all your family.
    I’m thinking of you – and sending lots of love!

  3. From the looks of Willie, we’ll be calling him Big Willie before long. Nothing like a ray of golden sunshine and some of natures potions to make lots of things better.

  4. call that catnip? got some in the backyard, got some in the garden, got some in the side patch, got some on the other side. catnip everywhere. and boy are my cats wasted!

  5. This is your cat
    This is your cat on drugs.
    (We did a similar video with our beloved kitty many years ago, riffing on the old drug wars commercials.)
    Lucky you to have a red boy kitty, scout!

  6. Watching Willie B climbing around on the rungs of the chair reminded me of my Clio. Thanks, scout.
    And lb0313, may watching an adorable, drugged-out kitten bring you at least a little peace. The BuggyQ household is thinking of you.

  7. Such fun, Scout. I love how a cat will make it harder for themself, they enjoy the challenge.
    And heartfelt condolences to lb0313. May there be much kitty loving in that better place.

  8. Scout – what a great gift – you made me laugh out loud…
    I’ll be back in the land of internets Monday – but I snuck away to a internet cafe here (in this tiny little town – wow I feel old) to watch and to thank you so!

  9. What a long-leggity beastie little Willie B has become, in such a short time. (Kittenhood always seems to last about 38 minutes.) I love the rings around the tip of his tail. I haven’t shared a drug high with a cat in a long, long time; thanks for the memories, Scout.
    lb0313, my condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father. May your memories comfort you.
    Peace, V.

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