That said…

I thought I may feel better today. I don’t. I doubt you do as well. Bits of phrases run through my head still…Americans voted for change last November…Prez at 30% approval…almost 2/3 of Americans supported a timetable…72% think we’re on the wrong track…Americans want leadership…They want OUT of Iraq…Man the Dems blew it big time.

I’m disgusted.

That said…I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the bill which passed did 2 good things for New Orleans. First it waives the 10% match requirement that has held up Gulf Coast recovery. Second it replaces about a billion dollars which the Bush administration had shifted away from
raising and armoring levees. It appears Bush understands these 2 measures, which he has opposed in the past, are part of the deal. All the same I will be watching for any signing statement.

2 thoughts on “That said…

  1. pansypoo says:

    and the minimum wage hike. he HAS to sign that. with those 2 other things, well, fodder is fodder. sorry, but georgie to have to do te good democratic things, i am willing to accept some bad. means the dems didn’t just they used to.

  2. Yes, watch for the signing statements. Can’t stop holding breath until then. I’m about to pass out here.

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