Something I Think We Could All Use Tonight

Scout’s most excellent video:

I watch this anytime I’m feeling a little apathetic and it always kicks my ass. Your votes aren’t nothing. Your contributions aren’t nothing. Your letters and phone calls and e-mails and protests and signs and talking to somebody on line in the friggin’ grocery store, none of that’s nothing.

We do what we can do. We don’t have to do more, but we can’t do less. We get back up, damn it. I’m glad I didn’t quit in 2002 and I’m glad I didn’t quit in 2004 and I’m glad I didn’t quit in 2006, and someday I’ll be glad I didn’t quit in 2007. I’m gonna keep pushing for the things that are important to me because that’s my repsonsibility, what I do. What the pansy-ass politicians a-skeered of Fox News do, that’s on them. I know what I’m doing to be right with my conscience, and that’s all any of us should be thinking about. Be pissed, be disappointed, but just like last time, get back up, and write, and call, and work, and fucking fight.

Not. One. Inch.


9 thoughts on “Something I Think We Could All Use Tonight

  1. tena says:

    This made me smile so much – shades of ’04 – I remember just flogging anything I could say to try to keep people from being suicidal.
    Things are much better now, really, although certainly this has been a disappointing week or so, a sad time, really.
    But you sure are reminding me of me right now. 🙂
    wish I knew what happened –

  2. frenchdm says:

    Beautiful! Thank you.
    I can’t stand saying this but today I wish more Democrats had the courage George Bush does to stand by his beliefs.
    Congress failed their test of courage today and so many people will pay the ultimate price for their failure.

  3. donna says:

    Bush doesn’t have courage, just stubborness. There’s a difference.
    Bush without the privileges and protections he’s had in his life would be absolutely nothing but a drunken loser.

  4. paradox says:

    Go ahead and get out the scotch now, A.

  5. paradox says:

    That french guy bolded the comments, one of these 2 tags might take it off.

  6. pansypoo says:

    shame letters and calls will not sway joemental lieberputz.

  7. John H. Farr says:

    You wrote, “Be pissed, be disappointed, but just like last time, get back up, and write, and call, and work, and fucking fight.”
    Oh, I’ll fight. But not by supporting Democrats or Republicans. That chapter in American history is dead, though too few recognize the fact. No, there isn’t any other party to work for. That’s fine, I’ll wait. I’d vote for Gore, though. Hell, I DID vote for Gore.
    This caving in on Iraq is HUGE, you know: a telling moment of historical proportions, the maggot-ridden carcass of the corporate state dragged out into the light.
    There’s no fixing this, we have to let it go.

  8. John H. Farr says:

    Have to add this:
    “Not. One. Inch.”
    See? You’re not really a Democrat, yourself. 🙂 THAT’s what I’m talking about.

  9. You’re right, A. I just ain’t with ya yet. I’m still down. The video is great.

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