Louisiana National Guard lacks enough equipment for major event

louisian ng truck

The Times Picayune reports that “the Louisiana National Guard has all the troops it needs
for hurricane season, but many of its high-water trucks remain
in Iraq”

Twenty months after its depleted ranks of soldiers and
airmen were pressed into service for Hurricanes Katrina and
Rita, the Louisiana National Guard still lacks hundreds of
military troop trucks that can handle high water as it faces
a new storm season that begins Friday.

“We’re below 50 percent for authorized
equipment, and that includes everything,” said Lt. Col.
Pete Schneider, Louisiana Guard spokesman. “And we
continue to receive new equipment that comes off the

The array of equipment includes everything from trucks to

“Do I have enough for a major event?” Schneider
said of the vehicles. “No. For a smaller event, yes,
we’re good.”


As for equipment, states are getting items as fast as
they are produced and the Army distributes them, Schneider
said. He estimated Louisiana is lacking 200 to 300 vehicles.

4 thoughts on “Louisiana National Guard lacks enough equipment for major event

  1. Maybe it’s just me being picky, but why do we have a bunch of high-water vehicles in a desert?

  2. Well, you can never tell when there’s going to be a Category V hurricane over Baghdad. Be prepared!
    Except where it would actually do any good, of course.

  3. I have always said from day of the Gulf Coast disaster why weren’t the National Guard on alert as has always been in the past before Bush came into office, they were stranded in Iraq for the Katrina and Rita diaster… and he was unprepared from the start cause he doesn’t give a shit for anybody poorer than him… His whole government staff are a bunch of hypocrited and need to be all thrown to the road like the people in N.O. I just finished watching the Uncovering War in Iraq with all the high CIA AND ETC… TALKING ABOUT HOW BUSH WENT IN IRAQ FOR NOTHING… WHEN HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF BIN LADEM IN AFAGHISTAN … SO BE IT LETS HURRY AND IMPEACH THEM ALL INCLUDING THE BLACK ONE TOO WHO DOESN’T EVEN CARE FOR HER OWN RACE… THANKS… NEALIE IN LOUISIANA

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