Lacerated wetlands

Man… go over to NOLA-dishu and look at the photos he has of South Louisiana’s wetlands. They show how the wetlands have been cut up and damaged by canals of the gas and oil industry. As Maitri said in the comments there…”There is not a patch of wetland that I saw that was not lacerated by a canal, pipeline or other manmade entity.”

That is Louisiana’s storm protection being destroyed for cheaper gas for us and profits to the gas/oil industry.

(h/t The Chicory-Lost in Leveeland)

3 thoughts on “Lacerated wetlands

  1. Thanks for the link.
    The travesty is only partially the number of canals. I went and looked on and saw a large number of very long straight canals. Of course, winding canals dissipate energy from the water as it sloshes up the canal. Straight canals serve as a direct conduit from the sea inland with little dissipation of energy – just like MRGO in Katrina.

  2. Scout, where my husband and sons fish in the marsh below Terrebonne Parish there used to be islands where they could dock the boat and get out and walk. Those islands are gone. All that’s left to see are the tops of dead trees standing in water. In the thirty+ years they have been fishing, they have seen large chunks of land disappear.

  3. Ggrandmere I do hope next time I am down you and he can take me to see some of that

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