Your President Speaksapalooza, Part IV: Albania

Chimpy gave a series of interviews to representatives of the foreign press today in hopes of burnishing his image before he travels to the G8 meeting next week.

Here are highlights from the interveiw conducted by Vision Plus TV of Albania .

That Is The Instructions

My position is that we support the Ahtisaari plan, and that’s the instructions that I have given to Secretary of State Rice, who totally agrees with me.

He Doesn’t Do Plan Bs

Q So in case of a Russian veto next month at Security Council, does U.S. have a plan B for Kosovo?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, plan A is to try to make plan A work.

The Unpopular Decider

Well, first of all, it’s like — people ask me the question about popularity, whether it be overseas or at home. You can’t make decisions and try to be — and want to be popular.

Decisions For What’s Best

I make decisions for what’s best for the United States of America.

He’s A But-Head

But popularity comes and goes, but certain principles should never leave.

Prefers To Pose His Own Questions

But popularity is — I would ask the question, are you still going to make decisions based upon solid principles? And the answer is, absolutely.

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaksapalooza, Part IV: Albania

  1. And what, pray tell, are those “solid principles”? Judging from his actions, they appear to be: never admit to error, never let facts get in the way of doing what you want, never listen to anyone who doesn’t tell you that you’re doing exactly the right thing all the time, and pretend at all times that you’re doing the will of God.

  2. “I make decisions for what’s best for the United States of America.”
    Then why has the budget deficit hit record highs? Why has the cost of living exceeded the wages of so many Americans? Why is the middle class shrinking? Why are troops continuing to die in a country that never attacked us? Why are Americans suffering from hunger and malnutrition? Why do so many Americans have so little health care? Why has New Orleans been abandoned by this administration? Why are there so many administration officials being subpoenaed to testify before Congressional hearings? So many more “whys?” because of this administration.
    If he really wanted to be the “decider” for “what’s best for the United States of America”, he’d resign from office, immediately.

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