Mary Matalin’s Kids Need To Toughen Up


I have seen what this trial has done to my own kids, just reading about it.

Just reading about the trial has traumatized Mary Matalin and James Carville’s children? Wow, those are some delicate little flowers, right there.

(And yes, trolls, if she’s going to use her children’s sensibilities to prop up convicted criminals, I’m going to question those professed sensibilities.)

Not for nothing, but let’s just say that positing that your children have had it rough reading the Post lately is really gauche in light of the war that happens to be going on as a result of the work the accused helped to foster:

Photo by Goran Tomasevic/Reuters


11 thoughts on “Mary Matalin’s Kids Need To Toughen Up

  1. boo fucking hoo. the only suffering i can see is if she and carville got into a fist fight over it.
    maybe he shouldn’t have committed treason for dickie if he cared about HIS children. certainly didn’t care about AMERICA’S children when he outed plaime, who was working to keep them safe.
    critical thinking skills. the republikkkan’s bane.

  2. Well I guess if a trial that their kids watched from afar could do them unspeakable harm, then fighting in Iraq for their country is certainly out of the question. No worries Uncle Dick will get them a cushy position at Justice so that something like this can never happen again to good people like Uncle Scooter.
    Icannot stand Matlin she’s such a harpy…

  3. I foresee several deferments for the Junior Horribles in The Great Patriotic War with Iranofascism in the early 2010s. Then in the 2030s Mary Matalin Jr., acting in her role as the the nation’s second female Vice President (after VP Frederique Thompson in 2017 while serving in the Schwarzenegger administration…don’t ask), M. “Harpy” Matalin Jr. lies the US into a war against Al-Qaeda in TVLand, led by Charles in Charge star Scott Baio. Baio eludes capture for years but his fearful image is used to enact the secret agenda of M. “Harpy” Matalin Jr..

  4. Maybe her kids aren’t so dumb. I mean they obstensibly just found out that lying is a punishable crime … they might be wondering when they’re coming for mommy.

  5. Can you imagine how Carville would have been all over that remark if anyone else had made it?
    I will never understand how those two get thru dinner every night without flying cutlery. The “opposites attract” meme only goes so far.
    Which one of them do you think is the complete fake or do they meet half way?

  6. Damn. Guess that answers my earlier question.
    Just saw that Carville actually signed the flipping letter jointly with Mary.
    Banging my head against the wall now.
    And the little Matalin-Carville tykes call him “Mr. Scooter”. They actually put this in writing? Oh, just kill me now, please.
    Can’t believe that I ever actually took that stupid Cajun seriously.

  7. With parents like Mary Ritalin and Serpenthead you wonder why these kids are so fucked up??

  8. Carville is a total fake. Matalin may be too, who knows. I can’t stand either one of them anymore. They are the worst of the whole Washington elite, playing both sides of the stupidity.

  9. I wrote about that particularly egregious letter too. The photo you used is from a 2003 article. It’s stunning to see how far the level of care has dropped in the years since.This story is from this year:

    Hanna Yousef Tamer watches hopelessly as her 1-year-old daughter, Mahdi, writhes on the pink sheets inside a crowded ward of the Ibn Al-Baladi Pediatric Hospital in Sadr City.
    The feeble child cries and looks around the bustling room through hollowed eyes.
    Her body is wasted from malnutrition and dehydration.
    But with the hospital lacking basic medications and intravenous fluids to treat her, doctors and nurses can’t do much to help Mahdi. And while the precious drugs are available in pharmacies outside the hospital, the little girl’s family can’t afford them.
    This is familiar territory for Tamer, who lost another daughter, Roqia, in 2005 when the 2-year-old died of the same disorders. So now, on this May morning, the 27-year-old mother of four must confront the possibility of the same outcome in less than 24 months.
    “Unfortunately, this is becoming common,” said Saad Mehdi, 35, a pediatrician at Ibn Al-Baladi.
    The rate of mortality in Iraq among children younger than 5 shot up 150 percent between 1990 and 2005, according to a report released earlier this month by the U.S.-based humanitarian aid group Save the Children. In its most startling terms, the group estimates one in eight Iraqis never makes it to their 5th birthday.
    The report said Iraq faced a grave humanitarian crisis “even before the latest war,” but physicians here said the 4-year-old conflict has had an unmistakable impact on what they see.

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